Friday, 21 December 2012

stocking fillers

Ok, as you scan this list you will probably notice that most won't fit in your average stocking. But here are some ideas of presents you could buy, if like me, you aren't the most organised person out there. A hat is unexpected, but very stylish and practical.
Or any phone that you have, there are so many covers out there that there is no excuse to have a plain one, you can even design your own! You have been warned.
Again another practical one for all the busy people out there. Made of porcelain with a rubber lid- reusable and looks a lot less conspicuous than an ugly brute of a flask.
I think this one is beautiful! You can name a star after someone and in the pack you will recieve a certificate and the coordinates of your star. Definitely a gift for all you romantics.
It always baffles me where men put all of their stuff, I have to bring the whole house with me everytime I step out the door. Satchels are very cool, every man should own one.
Sooo, if anyone is thinking of buying me a gift... ;)
Merry Christmas!
Much love
Danie B

Monday, 17 December 2012

song of the week

This week's song is "Second Chance" by Peter Bjorn and John. SO catchy! I love listening to this song in the morning when I wake up, it would take something get me up!
This is just a quick post, but expect another soon on potential stocking fillers for Christmas, something I have yet to start doing...whoops ;)
Much love
Danie B 

Friday, 7 December 2012

sequin season

This is the advert for Carolina Ferrara's fragrance 212 VIP. Everytime I watch it, I get a real urge to attend a party like this! Luckily we have just entered party season on the countdown to Christmas, the main question though- What do we wear??
For me this season is all about the sequins, whether you go for all out glamour or subtle accents- this is how you do it. These are all from my favourite store ever-

Enjoy! I want it aaaaaaaaallll!
Oh and I passed my driving test today- celebrations all round! :-)
Much love
Danie B

Saturday, 1 December 2012

first impressions

This post is about outfits for interviews, a source of great stress among many at this time of year! This week I have a mock interview to help prepare me for any to come, and I know a few who have real, very important interviews this week for university. Good luck guys!! I know you need to prepare answers etc but first impressions are extremely important and by extension, what you wear! For many, like me, who are not used to wearing office wear very often, so I am here to help! Stick to basic neutral colours, black, navy, grey, camel for the main parts of your outfit- you want to interviewer to be interested in you, not blinded. You can add pops of colour to show of your personality though! Think, tailored trousers, pencil skirts, fitted dresses, shirts and blazers. Androgynous is still a huge trend so don't be afraid to rock the trousers girls! I don't claim to be huge expert in men's fashion but I couldn't leave anyone out could I? Just remember, be sharp and show them exactly what you are all about. In saying all of this, I have no clue what I'm wearing as of yet, I'll keep you posted...
Much love
Danie B

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Song of the Week

This week's Song of the Week is "I'm his girl" by Friends. It has a bit of an electic eighties feel to it, so catchy! I originally heard it on Made in Chelsea and can't get it out of my head! The Christmas Markets opened in Belfast this weekend so hopefully I will have some lovely christmas-y pictures to share with you very soon- eeek!
Much love
Danie B

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

H&M 2012 collection

In my eyes this girl can do no wrong! I know she is a required taste but I just love her haunting music and unique style. She has just released the Paradise edition of her album, had a Mulberry bag named after her and is now the new face of H&M. Her haunting cover of "Blue Velvet" is the soundtrack to the advert and she can be seen wearing cosy jumpers, pastel jeans and always her trademark backcombed hair. So good.
Much love
Danie B

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

song of the week 2

"Catch Fire"- The Neon Lights
I understand that it's not Monday but my work load has delayed the song of the week! I have exams in two days, have done very little work and the pressure is mounting, I am finding that I need something to calm me down. I came across this track accidently but I think it has a chilled out vibe to it. Either this or the whole of Ben Howard's album will do the trick!
Much love
Danie B

Thursday, 1 November 2012

spooky dealings...

Things got a little...spooky last night! Having shirked the usual scary face for my pumpkin I thought I'd try something a little different, there is something so atmospheric about candlelight in the darkness isn't there? I even painted my nails for the occasion, check out my instagram pictures along the side! I used "Sunset Orange" from No.7 and a black nail art pen. Start from the centre of your nail and draw lines to the edges and then join them up like spider's webs.
 Last night was spent at a friend's house, watching scary movies (well I say watching, I was behind a cushion) with overdramatic tension music and plenty of screams.
 I can't believe November is here already, what is life??
What did you do on Halloween?
Much love
Danie B

Monday, 29 October 2012

Song of the Week

As well as sharing my favourite fashion finds with you through this blog, I am now starting a "Song of the Week" feature every Monday! This is "The Lumineers" single "Ho Hey" which is quite folky and feel good, make you want to tap your feet music. If you have any suggestions for next weeks song tweet me @DanieBann or comment below!
Much love
Danie B

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween glamour

This week has been ridiculously hectic. I still haven't recovered from my trip to London at the weekend with the English Department, which was amazing by the way! My next post will be featuring the trip! Anyway, this post might look slightly odd without some form of explanation, but last night was the first Halloween party of the year- so for the night I became Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen!
If you would like to try this look as your own Halloween costume I used-
white dress from Pull and Bear
gold collar necklace and earrings- Topshop
gladiator sandals- New Look
head piece- borrowed from a friend but you could easily use some gold necklaces secured with hairpins
Apply primer (Lancome La Base) and foundation (Lancome 24 hour wear number 2) and blusher to define cheekbones (Lancome).
Cover the eyelid with gold eyeshadow (Barry M Dazzle Dust)
Apply liquid eyeliner all around the eye making it as thick as you like, coming to a flick in both corner of the eyes. Apply blue shadow (Front Cover) to the outside of the eyes.
Apply dark lipstick (no.7)
Just remember that Cleopatra is the Queen of glamour so don't hold back and be fierce!
Happy Halloween!
Much love
Danie B

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

music is to the ears as louboutins are to the feet!

Fashion, art, music- they are all part of the creative process. Digressing slightly from my normal posts, I really want to share with you the musicians that are influencing my life at the moment, with a little bit about their style thrown in!
This is Ben Howard- there are literally no words to describe. His album Every Kingdom is flawless and his alternative sound is enchanting. Everyone groans when they get in my car as I have played it so much, but the lyrics are beautiful and "Black Flies" inspired me to write a piece of prose that I am going to push in everywhere very soon!
Matt Corby. Singer songwriter from down under, a very sexy austrailian at that! He won Idol out there and has gone from strengh to strength ever since. With his soulful growling voice and tormented lyrics, I could listen to him all day- in fact I'm going to see him in Novemeber! He has a very dishevelled but sexy style that echoes spontaneity and warm shores. YouTube "Brother", you won't regret it!
Mumford and Sons. I love their new album "Babel"! The drum beat and folky rhythm make me want to throw my hands up in the air and start a riot! haha Their style is very quirky and a little bit teddy boy almost? I'm going to see them too!! I sadly missed out on Ben Howard tickets :(
So now you have a little insight to my musical preferences! I have some exciting things lined up, a few interviews and posts for brands and Belfast Fashion Week is this friday and then I'm jetting off to London for the weekend! Photos will follow I promise ;)
Much love
Danie B

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Chelsea style

Series 4 of Made in Chelsea is imminent, only 4 days to go!!! One of the most stylish programmes on TV, inspiration and entertainment all at once! Here is a style file on some of my favourites...
Millie Mackintosh. Heir to Quality Street (you wouldn't think it by looking at her!), drama queen, girlfriend to Professor Green, legs up to her eyeballs and owner of the cutest dog I have ever seen, Herby! Her style is full on glamour, but done in a very sophisticated way.
Rosie Fortescue- this girl is cool personified. Very much leather, cutting edge pieces and pioneered the Chelsea Boot. Queen bitch and always the one to have the gossip- she is controversial and I love it. I have been told I'm very like her.... ;) haha
Oh I love Binky!! She is cheeky, funny and dirtiest mind you will come across! Her style is quite laid back but still sexy, and I love her beauty blog. She never fails to make me giggle!
I love Chelsea style, and I'm counting down the days until it is back! I'm also heading to London in a week, but more to come on that!!
Much love
Danie B

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

black and blue

Topshop skirt and peplum top, H&M blazer, New Look heels, the earrings were a gift and the bag was found lurking in my wardrobe.
This little outfit was for a night out last week. This peplum top is recent purchase, I realise I am a tad late to jump on the peplum bandwagon, but they are really flattering and can be dressed down with jeans so well worth the money. I've got the dancing bug now and just want to go out again! Meanwhile the pressure is mounting with schoolwork, suffering from a few knockbacks and Andre Gide is really getting me down! The only cure? An episode of The Great British Bake-Off and something full of carbs and sugar, mmmmm. Oh what an exciting life I lead!
Much love
Danie B

Saturday, 29 September 2012

up and coming

Twitter is a wonderful thing isn't it? I have talked to more people in the fashion industry and got involved in so many amazing projects because of it, I'm a twitter addict! Like this blog post, I have recently been in contact with fashion designer Masato Jones and am doing this post to promote his new amazing collection. Originally designing with Giles Deacon, Masato has stepped out with his own collection in 2011 and is going from strength to strength, which is showcased in this video!
Twitter is a wonderful thing isn't it? I have talked to more people in the fashion industry and got involved in so many amazing projects because of it, I'm a twitter addict! Like this blog post, I have recently been in contact with fashion designer Masato Jones and am doing this post to promote his new amazing collection. Originally designing with Giles Deacon, Masato has stepped out with his own collection in 2011 and is going from strength to strength!

These photos were all found here. He has done shows for Brighton, Manchester and Cheltenham's Fashion Week and is in Liverpool on 17th October. Visit the official website for photos of all the collection, news and latest catwalk shows, you won't be disppointed!
Much love
Danie B

Friday, 21 September 2012

Zara AW12

The Zara AW12 campaign is such an inspiration for my wardrobe at the moment! Just watch this campaign video, Cara Delevingne, she is flawless, do you not just want to be her?? One of my favourite models of the moment for sure. Here are some of my favourite items from the new collection..

This whole collection is beautiful, and very, very me!
It can be found on the Zara website, make me jealous by commenting if you have bought any of it!
Much love
Danie B

Saturday, 15 September 2012

NYFW trend update

I have reached a blogging milestone of 100 posts! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting, without you there would be no point in continuing really! So I thought I would do a post on the trends hot of the catwalk in NYC, getting back to what this blog is about and one of my passions in life, fashion!
I don't know if it has to do with the fact that we cannot not surgically remove ourselves from our iPhones but prints have gone digital! Look at Tibi on the NYC catwalk to see what I mean.
After our summer of sport in the Olympics is it any wonder that designers were inspired? Sports luxe is here to stay, with slouchy chic but with an update of pretty colours.
Ooh a throwback to the 70's for Michael Kors AND Marc Jacobs, that's something to take note of. Note: add colour blocking and geometric shapes for a little something extra.
Now that NYC (my favourite city in the entire planet!) fashion week is over, London is about to begin! And while I dig out my faux fur the fash pack is already planning their Spring wardrobe, typical! Updates of LFW will follow!
And feel free to tweet me @daniebann I would love to hear from my fellow fashionistas!
Much love
Danie B

Monday, 10 September 2012

7 days

I haven't posted anything in a whole week, I am so bad!! Being back at school has been hard to adjust but now routine is starting to kick in it should be slightly easier to fit a few more blog posts in ;) So this post is just filling you in on my antics of this week! Experimenting with shades of plum and purples for the new season, a deliciously cute butterfly cupcake, my new hand ringholder which now holds my entire ring collection and black studded smoking slippers from Zara. Hipster.
Much love
Danie B