Thursday, 20 June 2013

This week I'm loving..

What I'm loving this week...

 1. Summer ankle boots- perfect for this bi-polar weather we are experiencing at the moment.

2. Thoughtful presents- My friend recently made me a massive chocolate cake loaded with creamy pink icing and cherry's mmmm.
3. Cara Delevingne- still loving this lady! Adore her slightly grungy street style and those eyebrows. There is also a colouring book of photos of her released this week- enough said.
4. Time to think- sounds silly but having time to myself just to relax and breath is a luxury.
5. This song: LOVE, anything Bastille really.
Much love
Danie B 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

It's good to be back

Topshop necklace, Marc Jacobs watch and random wrist band from previous travels.
Well this is my long awaited return (for me anyway!), mostly due to a hectic time of exams and other endlessly boring things. My summer has almost (but not officially) begun and I plan to fill my days with my friends, laughs, good books, dancing, writing, eating amazing food that I probably shouldn't and enjoying my life as it is now before I head off to Uni. (hopefully!)
It's good to be back.
Much love
Danie B