Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The lowdown.

Cheeky selfie- just a reminder for all you who I am, it has been a dreadfully long time. 

Ok guys *deep breath*, I'm back.
This time for good.
A lot has happened since I last posted.
I got into university.
I left the country. (Pretty casual statement just to start things off!)
I now live in Scotland attend the University of Stirling.
Managed to cook without poisoning myself or setting off the fire alarm.
  -Note: The same cannot be said for the flat below, 7 in the morning on my day off- I'll not repeat the conversation that took place hehe).
I've identified the weird one in my flat (because let's face it, there's always one right?), eliminating the possibility that it's me (well...).
Drank for the entirety of Fresher's Week with minimal social casualties (I say minimal, not non-existent.... oh dear)
...ctnd- Learnt that £1 drinks are not your friend.
That Fresher's Flu is REAL- don't be fooled, you can't hear the lecturer over the amount of people seemingly coughing up a lung.
Successfully employed the smile of superiority to the attendees of the Sixth Form Open Day despite my still semi-clueless state.
Spent my food money on a new coat and boots, so I can be warm whilst eating Poptarts three times a day.
Simultaneously having to repeat my Northern Irish accent for the amusement of the 70% Scottish population whilst gaining a flock of fellow outsiders who are relieved to talk without having to annunciate for five minutes.
Discovered that the distance of a 2 mile walk doesn't seem as far as it did before when faced with the return bus fare.
Oh and the Holy Grail of discovery? Dominos deliver until 5am, more useful than it sounds!

So that's you up to date with my university life so far! I'll be posting on fashion faced with a student budget, any words of wisdom I can share and anything I find vaguely interesting/amusing-
 Enjoy bitchachos!
Much love
Danie B