Wednesday, 29 August 2012

builder by boots, not by trade

TKMaxx cardigan, Next t-shirt, H&M shorts, boots from Venice
I find myself repeating the name of my blog whilst staring confusedly between my window and my wardrobe when getting dressed in the morning. I mean what does one wear in this weather? I have settled on a cardigan and boots with shorts and a t-shirt- my clothes are a bit confused but I think it works alright! I have recently been converted to the wonder that is TKMaxx, you should all really get involved, there are some real gems if only you take the time to look. These boots are from my recent travels and have affectionally been coined as the "builders boots" so I guess I'm off to build a wall or whatever it is us builder folk do.. ;)
Much love
Danie B

Monday, 27 August 2012

returning to normality


I am back from my prolonged time abroad! I promise my blogging will be more frequent and not so sporadic in the future! Some explanation to these photos... Lovers come to Juliets balcony in Verona to put locks on the walls together which you can write a message on, there are literally thousands. And the shopping and chocolate milkshakes in the city are amazing too! Venice was just so breathtakingly magical, somewhere I need to visit again. Since I was a tourist I had to take a ride on a gondala, and having the driver (that's clearly not the correct term) serenading us at the top of his lungs whilst cruising along the grand canal was like something out of a movie. Perusing the goods along the Rialto bridge, listening to the band play at cafe Florian and writing my postcards in St Mark's Square, my best holiday yet.
Much love
Danie B

Friday, 17 August 2012

autumn preview

Don't get me wrong, summer is fantastic. But you know that niggling feeling of unrestfulness you get towards the end when you begin to crave wearing jumpers and leather ankle boots. Well I do anyway. So this is just a little tribute to the coming months to ease ourselves in and hopefully begin to feel excited rather than depressed!
Balenciaga's new perfume "Florabotanica" comes out in September and I can't wait to get my hands on it! I have never really had one scent before and this is aimed at younger people so I'm hoping it will become my signature scent. And let's just not mention the fact that Kristen Stewart is heading up the ad campaign!

I can't wait to get into a pair of ankle boots! It's so hard to find the perfect pair though, one's with a slight heel but still comfortable enough to walk around all day in! Wear them now with shorts and later with skinny jeans and dresses.

Who doesn't love a good oversized knit? This is my number one item for the new season because it is so versatile! I would probably buy it a few sizes too big so I could wear it with tights and some of the boots featured above ;) There is a gold metallic one (a huge trend next season) in H&M that I have my eye on!

As you may have realised it was results day yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised with mine! Hope everyone did fabulous, if you are reading my blog I know you will have! But now that I have my results it has really hit home that summer is coming to an end, but I hope these pieces make it a little easier on you! Anyway I am heading off on holiday for a week tomorrow to try and prolong it! Snaps will follow and stay fabulous! MWAH!

Much love
Danie B

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

18th outfit

Topshop dress, H&M jacket, New Look clutch, Marco Tozzi sandals

Last night was the first 18th birthday party of the year! Happy birthday Hannah! We couldn't figure out why people say congratulations on reaching your 18th, does every other year not need congratulating too? We went to a beautiful restaurant called Ten Square and the food was so delicious. A quick dash to the train and a sleepy journey home sealed the night- not bad for a Monday evening!

"If Mondays were shoes, surely they would be crocs!"

Much love
Danie B

Friday, 10 August 2012

literature, music and..pancakes

Topshop dress, I think that's all you can see of my outfit but I have Marco Tozzi sandals on too!

These photos are from my day spent with my twin separated at birth Miss Hannah Clegg (we are so similar that there is no other explanation) We made pancakes (well technically I didn't make them but I gave good encouragment from the sidelines). I discovered the beauty of Matt Corby's music (I have generously included a link to one of his songs so you can join me in my obsession) and borrowed some books that I may cancel all plans in the immediate future simply because I can't wait to read them.
Have a good weekend!

Much love
Danie B 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

stone walls and picnic blankets

 Zara parka, New look dress, Primark sandals, Ray ban wayfarers.

I warned you you would become sick of seeing this jacket! We took a leaf from the cute friends handbook and went for a picnic in the grounds of a castle followed by milkshakes while we basked in the sun and talked about things that I'm sure were important at the time but I can't quite remember them now!

Much love
Danie B

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dixi Warrior collection

Ladies and gents may I present the new "Warrior" collection from Dixi! All of the pieces featured on my blog and many more are available from TODAY so please refrain from leaving my blog and rushing over there for just a few more minutes! Dixi describes this collection as "a mixture of tough metals meeting a natural stone jewellery mixed with vintage sheer blouses and dresses for a girly but edgy feel!". Deep breath! Me and a few other bloggers have the privilage of featuring this collection and I want ALL of it.
So now for a little fun. Have you heard of the word association game? Well it's basically when someone says a word and you say the first word that comes into your head associated with it. So if I said "cow" you could say "milk", or "Kristian Stewart" after she cheated on Rob Pattinson! I am going to do the same here except I am going to show you pictures that these pieces inspired me to think of-simple enough? Play along and leave a comment what you thought of!
Ok I feel I may need to explain. I believe the beautiful orange bracelet was inspired by the hot deserts and rich colours of Morocco and that aztec print is going no where! The rolling lilac clouds remind me of the colours of the pieces in picture two and Oliver Proudlock's (from my favourite show Made in Chelsea!) trademark is his cross earring he wears which is the first thing I thought of when I came across that fantastic silver cross ring! And the studded collar on that shirt is the perfect thing to wear with that bad-ass spiked bracelet.
Ok this first ring reminds me of the swirling mists of a fortune teller's crystal ball and the purple pear drop jewel in the fourth piece is pretty self explanatory. The print on the second dress in my mind has oriental origins and both dresses will look amazing paired with tights and these black ankle boots from Topshop come autumn, I can't wait!!

 Ok so Fearne Cotton is the ambassador of round sunglasses circa Elton John, the Zara parka (which I am currently drooling over) would look amazing over the dress and adds a tough edge that the collection is all about. And Alexander McQueen IS skull print, just like that beautiful bracelet!

Ok this is the last one I promise! Leopard print is EVERYWHERE at the moment and look at that cutie! The bull head charm could be inspired from the natives in Dakota and the silver metal collar necklace connotes Egyptian origins.

So how did you do? This collection is on sale now so BUY BUY BUY!!

Much love
Danie B

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

sun days

 H&M shorts, top from a boutique in Menora, Primark sandals, All Saints scarf and Accessorize earrings.
Making the most of one of the rare sunny days this summer in the park with friends. Rachel features in most of the photos with me and Gemma was my fabulous photographer for the day! The day started with scones and coffee for breakfast, un-cooked fairy cake mixture (licked from the baking bowl) for lunch and take-out pizza with Made in Chelsea boxset for tea- again showing spontaneous plans are most often the best!

Much love
Danie B