Monday, 27 August 2012

returning to normality


I am back from my prolonged time abroad! I promise my blogging will be more frequent and not so sporadic in the future! Some explanation to these photos... Lovers come to Juliets balcony in Verona to put locks on the walls together which you can write a message on, there are literally thousands. And the shopping and chocolate milkshakes in the city are amazing too! Venice was just so breathtakingly magical, somewhere I need to visit again. Since I was a tourist I had to take a ride on a gondala, and having the driver (that's clearly not the correct term) serenading us at the top of his lungs whilst cruising along the grand canal was like something out of a movie. Perusing the goods along the Rialto bridge, listening to the band play at cafe Florian and writing my postcards in St Mark's Square, my best holiday yet.
Much love
Danie B


  1. Omw your pictures are brilliant and it looks amazing! I'm super jealous!!


  2. ahh love your travel photos! Venice looks gorgeous! and the stripes are great

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Thank you so much for following me, I follow you back dear! btw I enjoyed all your pictures, such a great post!!

    LOVE J