Friday, 29 June 2012

rainy day blues

Am I going crazy? This is meant to be June right, but as you can see by my photos it really doesn't seem like it! There was no way I was going to leave the house in that weather and felt in the mood for some comfort food in the form of baking so I made some average fairy cakes with some leftover blackberries threw in. Quite a good experiment that I will try again soon! Snuggled up in a dressing-gown, cakes and a cup of tea with a fantastic book, who cares about the rain anyway!

Much love
Danie B

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I think it is something that is often overlooked, but if you want to see a snapshot of trends this summer or what each brand is focusing on this season, look no further than their campaign.
As you can see from this picture, this season is all about tiny ditsy flowers and bigger blooms in floaty whimsical materials so release your inner garden maiden!
Florals are a huge part of this trend too but I'm more focusing on the ladylike suit trend that is appearing. This trend is very matchy matchy so keep all pieces in the same print. I would go for shorts, jacket and shirt with brogues or flatforms for a boyish twist. You can also wear your floral pieces separately for value for money!

Spring was all about the ice cream pastel colours, but summer is hotting up with brights pinks and yellows. Don't go overboard, just include neon accents to stop you ressembling a glo-stick. I have seen some pink shorts in Topshop that should be in my wardrobe!
I just think there is something about white that is the epitome of summer. Summer dresses, t-shirts and even Liz Hurleys white jeans are back! White looks amazing with a tan so get out the fake stuff ladies, but no streaks please, they are so offensive!

Much love
Danie B

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Zara jeans, River Island t-shirt and boots, Primark jacket and Accessorize necklace.

Yesterday I hit the shops for the first time since my exams started- I was having serious withdrawl symptoms! As well as eating the biggest piece of chocolate cake I have ever set eyes on for afternoon tea, I also picked up the perfect tan sandals and this tweed jacket for a bargain! I love the way it smartens up even jeans and a t-shirt, and the sparkle thread adds a little interest. Oh and I'm trying out different shades of nail polish for summer- what do you think of this one?

Much love
Danie B

Friday, 22 June 2012

Father's Day twist

This may sound a bit bizarre, but we had a Christmas celebration this weekend! I know it was Father's Day, but my auntie was staying here for a few weeks, but was going home to Africa last Monday. We never get to spend Christmas with her so we thought we would surprise her! Complete with crackers, dinner with all the trimmings, bunting and festive napkins! It sounds a bit odd but what is life without a little spontaneity!

Much love
Danie B

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Block Blue

New Look dress, River Island sandals, feather necklace is from a fashion market and the bracelet is from a little market stall in Menorca from a previous holiday.

Phew, I'm back! I apologise for my absence in the past few days but I have had a hell-ish week of 3 exams, but now I am free for summer!! Which includes plenty of boxsets, shopping, reading and doing generally delightful things that I will share here. This outfit was from Father's Day, which my father took full advantage of - I even washed the dishes for him. I know. I have a post lined up on the days festivities so stay tuned!

Much love
Danie B

Friday, 15 June 2012

sunglasses traits

~The huge black sunglasses giving off the "don't talk to me I'm a celebrity" vibe. 
~The cat's eyes sunglasses of a style icon, THE frame of the season.
~Wayfarers are the ultimate cool kid's sunglasses, as demonstrated a la Kate.
~The crazy, quirky sunglasses woren by the extroverts and fun lovers everywhere.

This post is a bit of a paradox as it is currently raining outside of my window, but I live in hope of the sun. But I realise that the sunglasses you choose can say a lot about your personality- I'm more of a wayfarers girl myself, not that I can call myself a cool kid!
What are your favourite pair?

Much love
Danie B

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

camera angles

This post is a little random but I decided to play around with my camera whilst waiting for my friends to come and pick me up a little while ago. I'm wearing a Topshop grey dress, Ebay parka and New Look brogues and you can see my collection of rings and earrings that has grown over time and under my parents radar! Which one is your favourite?

Much love
Danie B

Sunday, 10 June 2012

colourful clashing

River Island sandals and t-shirt, H&M jacket and Next jeans.

Too much work and not enough time, so I'm just squeezing this post in!! Two exams this week and unprepared for both, good luck to everyone out there who shares the same feeling! This outfit was born from a result of procrastination and a need for a distraction and take-out pizza and a gossip with the girls is exactly what I needed.
 Hope you had a fabulous weekend whatever you got up to! Mwah! x

Much love
Danie B

Friday, 8 June 2012

wardrobe wishlist

These are perfect with just a plain white t-shirt and are right on trend for this summer.

I just love hats! I just think they can make even the most simple outfit very glamourous!

I practically live in my denim shorts all summer and the studs and aztec print keep things interesting!
This cat's eye shape is the new summer update on sunglasses and the florals make it so summery! It makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn when I try on a pair!

I LOVE these! It would give me extra inches in height and be comfortable- could you ask for much more in a shoe?!

In an attempt to distract myself from my revision for my exams, I have taken to scouring the internet looking for my summer wardrobe! Unfortunately it is currently raining outside my window and these pieces are out of my price range but a girl can dream right?! :-) 
Is there anything you can't wait to buy for summer? 

Much love
Danie B