Monday, 4 June 2012

Blimey, it's another Blighty post!

Use Brits do love a good health hazard. Oh well, at least it looks good!
I do love a good cupcake.
I would LOVE to this to be my house.
It's a rug in the shape of a stamp- enough said.

Ah Sarah Burton, you never disapppoint.
I have been lusting after a Lulu Guinness clutch and this one is just too perfect!
But the question on everyone's lips is- "Who wore it better?" K Middy, I salute you!

 It seemed like the whole country turned out to watch Queenie in her cream ensemble, Kate looking fierce in McQueen, Prince William looking dapper in uniform and Prince Harry looking his dashing cheeky self, beam and wave all the way down the Thames. I hope you have all got in the Jubilee spirit through street parties/bunting/fashion choices or simply watching it on TV!
Hope you had an amazing Jubilee long weekend!
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Much love
Danie B


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    1. Thank you! I just followed you blog because I LOVE it, it will definitely be a daily read! Could you follow mine please? :-) x

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