Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I think it is something that is often overlooked, but if you want to see a snapshot of trends this summer or what each brand is focusing on this season, look no further than their campaign.
As you can see from this picture, this season is all about tiny ditsy flowers and bigger blooms in floaty whimsical materials so release your inner garden maiden!
Florals are a huge part of this trend too but I'm more focusing on the ladylike suit trend that is appearing. This trend is very matchy matchy so keep all pieces in the same print. I would go for shorts, jacket and shirt with brogues or flatforms for a boyish twist. You can also wear your floral pieces separately for value for money!

Spring was all about the ice cream pastel colours, but summer is hotting up with brights pinks and yellows. Don't go overboard, just include neon accents to stop you ressembling a glo-stick. I have seen some pink shorts in Topshop that should be in my wardrobe!
I just think there is something about white that is the epitome of summer. Summer dresses, t-shirts and even Liz Hurleys white jeans are back! White looks amazing with a tan so get out the fake stuff ladies, but no streaks please, they are so offensive!

Much love
Danie B


  1. I love the Stella McCartney printed suits! Sure - I'd love for us to follow each other, and I don't say that to blogs I don't sincerely like and am interested in. :)

  2. of course sweetie, i love your style! :) i'm already following ;D Love * Monstros no Armário

  3. amazing style and very interesting blog soooo I'M YOUR NEW FOLLOWER ! :3
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  4. I absolutely LOVE the floral trend & the neon trend, as well as Colorblock!

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  5. I love all of these trends - maybe because I like playing around with prints and colors a lot =) Maybe I'll try the white on white trend next!
    Thank you for the comment, of course I would love to exchange follows! Following now =) hope you come by again soon!
    - Che

  6. oh these are definitely in trend and im inlove with them all., im currently addicted to shorts and florals!!! such a great post dear!

    xo, Carla

  7. Oh wow! Beautiful photos! :)

  8. Adorei seu blog e já estou seguindo.
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