Friday, 21 December 2012

stocking fillers

Ok, as you scan this list you will probably notice that most won't fit in your average stocking. But here are some ideas of presents you could buy, if like me, you aren't the most organised person out there. A hat is unexpected, but very stylish and practical.
Or any phone that you have, there are so many covers out there that there is no excuse to have a plain one, you can even design your own! You have been warned.
Again another practical one for all the busy people out there. Made of porcelain with a rubber lid- reusable and looks a lot less conspicuous than an ugly brute of a flask.
I think this one is beautiful! You can name a star after someone and in the pack you will recieve a certificate and the coordinates of your star. Definitely a gift for all you romantics.
It always baffles me where men put all of their stuff, I have to bring the whole house with me everytime I step out the door. Satchels are very cool, every man should own one.
Sooo, if anyone is thinking of buying me a gift... ;)
Merry Christmas!
Much love
Danie B

Monday, 17 December 2012

song of the week

This week's song is "Second Chance" by Peter Bjorn and John. SO catchy! I love listening to this song in the morning when I wake up, it would take something get me up!
This is just a quick post, but expect another soon on potential stocking fillers for Christmas, something I have yet to start doing...whoops ;)
Much love
Danie B 

Friday, 7 December 2012

sequin season

This is the advert for Carolina Ferrara's fragrance 212 VIP. Everytime I watch it, I get a real urge to attend a party like this! Luckily we have just entered party season on the countdown to Christmas, the main question though- What do we wear??
For me this season is all about the sequins, whether you go for all out glamour or subtle accents- this is how you do it. These are all from my favourite store ever-

Enjoy! I want it aaaaaaaaallll!
Oh and I passed my driving test today- celebrations all round! :-)
Much love
Danie B

Saturday, 1 December 2012

first impressions

This post is about outfits for interviews, a source of great stress among many at this time of year! This week I have a mock interview to help prepare me for any to come, and I know a few who have real, very important interviews this week for university. Good luck guys!! I know you need to prepare answers etc but first impressions are extremely important and by extension, what you wear! For many, like me, who are not used to wearing office wear very often, so I am here to help! Stick to basic neutral colours, black, navy, grey, camel for the main parts of your outfit- you want to interviewer to be interested in you, not blinded. You can add pops of colour to show of your personality though! Think, tailored trousers, pencil skirts, fitted dresses, shirts and blazers. Androgynous is still a huge trend so don't be afraid to rock the trousers girls! I don't claim to be huge expert in men's fashion but I couldn't leave anyone out could I? Just remember, be sharp and show them exactly what you are all about. In saying all of this, I have no clue what I'm wearing as of yet, I'll keep you posted...
Much love
Danie B