Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dixi Warrior collection

Ladies and gents may I present the new "Warrior" collection from Dixi! All of the pieces featured on my blog and many more are available from TODAY so please refrain from leaving my blog and rushing over there for just a few more minutes! Dixi describes this collection as "a mixture of tough metals meeting a natural stone jewellery mixed with vintage sheer blouses and dresses for a girly but edgy feel!". Deep breath! Me and a few other bloggers have the privilage of featuring this collection and I want ALL of it.
So now for a little fun. Have you heard of the word association game? Well it's basically when someone says a word and you say the first word that comes into your head associated with it. So if I said "cow" you could say "milk", or "Kristian Stewart" after she cheated on Rob Pattinson! I am going to do the same here except I am going to show you pictures that these pieces inspired me to think of-simple enough? Play along and leave a comment what you thought of!
Ok I feel I may need to explain. I believe the beautiful orange bracelet was inspired by the hot deserts and rich colours of Morocco and that aztec print is going no where! The rolling lilac clouds remind me of the colours of the pieces in picture two and Oliver Proudlock's (from my favourite show Made in Chelsea!) trademark is his cross earring he wears which is the first thing I thought of when I came across that fantastic silver cross ring! And the studded collar on that shirt is the perfect thing to wear with that bad-ass spiked bracelet.
Ok this first ring reminds me of the swirling mists of a fortune teller's crystal ball and the purple pear drop jewel in the fourth piece is pretty self explanatory. The print on the second dress in my mind has oriental origins and both dresses will look amazing paired with tights and these black ankle boots from Topshop come autumn, I can't wait!!

 Ok so Fearne Cotton is the ambassador of round sunglasses circa Elton John, the Zara parka (which I am currently drooling over) would look amazing over the dress and adds a tough edge that the collection is all about. And Alexander McQueen IS skull print, just like that beautiful bracelet!

Ok this is the last one I promise! Leopard print is EVERYWHERE at the moment and look at that cutie! The bull head charm could be inspired from the natives in Dakota and the silver metal collar necklace connotes Egyptian origins.

So how did you do? This collection is on sale now so BUY BUY BUY!!

Much love
Danie B


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  5. What a lovely grouping of inspirations!

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  6. great boards, love the animal print one!

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