Wednesday, 14 November 2012

H&M 2012 collection

In my eyes this girl can do no wrong! I know she is a required taste but I just love her haunting music and unique style. She has just released the Paradise edition of her album, had a Mulberry bag named after her and is now the new face of H&M. Her haunting cover of "Blue Velvet" is the soundtrack to the advert and she can be seen wearing cosy jumpers, pastel jeans and always her trademark backcombed hair. So good.
Much love
Danie B


  1. I love that collection !! Bought some things from the collection ;) simply gorgeous :D



  2. Awesome post! I absolutely love Lana del Ray, I want her hair so bad! Think I will have to look into this collection! I am now following you =) I would really love it if you would follow me back.

  3. This collection is so stunning and she really fits the brand and campaign so well. Love the printed leggings.

  4. This colection for H&M is very pretty and i would love to have all the pieces but i dont have H&M where i live :'c and i am a fan of her music is so inspiring and perfect.. xx

  5. I love her! She's definitely so unique. Her song/video for "Born to Die" gets me every time. There's something very different about her. Wish I could check out her H&M line in stores but there's no store near me :(