Thursday, 1 November 2012

spooky dealings...

Things got a little...spooky last night! Having shirked the usual scary face for my pumpkin I thought I'd try something a little different, there is something so atmospheric about candlelight in the darkness isn't there? I even painted my nails for the occasion, check out my instagram pictures along the side! I used "Sunset Orange" from No.7 and a black nail art pen. Start from the centre of your nail and draw lines to the edges and then join them up like spider's webs.
 Last night was spent at a friend's house, watching scary movies (well I say watching, I was behind a cushion) with overdramatic tension music and plenty of screams.
 I can't believe November is here already, what is life??
What did you do on Halloween?
Much love
Danie B


  1. really cute nail art that you used (:
    where i live they dont celebrate halloween,but theres alot of partys and stuff like that. xx
    i'm following you **-**

  2. Hi dear, we don't celebrate Halloween here, it must be such great fun, super cool carved pumpkin! Is it difficult to do?

  3. That pumkin looks amazing! I never got to do one this year and that made me sad :( xxxx

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  8. Awesome pumpkin :P

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