Tuesday, 15 May 2012

rules of summer

I shouldn't strictly be writing this right now due to my enormous workload and ever looming exams. But being the procrastinator that I am, I find that quite often my mind wanders and I end up fantasizing about summer. So here is a quick (and provisional!) list of things that have JUST occured to me that I want to do this summer...

1. Hold a tea party using china cups and saucers.
2. Go and see a french film- I'll probably not understand much despite my six years of french, but just think of the french actors! Tres beau!
3. Eat sushi. Possibly the easiest but takes the most courage.
4. Re-do my bedroom. I love the black and white but the pink I thought was good at the time...
5. Create a summer playlist. The soundtrack to my summer memories!
6. Eat smores at a campfire on the beach- slightly cliche but something I have never done.
7. String fairy lights in my garden for impromptu al fresco dining.
8. Finish writing my book. Ok, this one isn't really that realistic, but at least get 150 pages done)

These are just some of my musings that I am determinded to accomplish in the warm days and long nights of summer. My word of the season will be "spontaneous" because sometimes the things we don't plan for make the best memories.

Much love
Danie B

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