Thursday, 31 May 2012

embrace the specs

Johnny Depp sporting a pair.
Alexa Chung rocking geek chic.
Glasses have never been more fashionable. Through designer campaigns endorsed by huge celebrities, every model wearing them down the catwalk this year and an increasing number of celebrities wearing them in everyday life- glasses have never looked this good. I admit I wear contact lenses but I now have the confidence to embrace the specs!

A quick guide to choosing your glasses shape:
An oval face: Most frames work with this shape but square and rectangle shapes add angles to soft curves. And avoid frames that are too large for your features at all costs!
A round face: Angular frames sharpen facial features and rectanguler shapes make the face appear longer and thinner and avoid short frames!
A heart face: Try bottom heavy frames that add width to your lower face and narrow round frames that soften the forehead and avoid top heavy styles that draw the attention upwards!

Hope this helps!

Much love
Danie B