Sunday, 29 April 2012


H&M silver cardigan, Zara t-shirt and trousers, Topshop necklace and New Look shoes.

I know my birthday is on tuesday, but I've been known to jump the gun! My wonderful friends (I love you guys!) organised a beautiful meal out for my birthday and I was kept in total suspense as I had no idea where we were going! They didn't disappoint!- but it felt strange not having anything to do with the organisation! Also I blogged a while ago about wanting these shoes, and mother came through! I chose a more practical tan colour though (it's a first, usually when fashion is concerned, practically is very far down my list!) So this was the pre-birthday celebration, roll on tuesday!

Much love
Danie B


  1. Lovely oufit, spesh like the silver cardie and the shoes are gorge

    1. Thank you! I had a peek at your blog by the way- love it! x