Sunday, 22 April 2012


She has an air of rebellion and cutting edge cool that so many people try to emulate but never quite get right. A slightly predictable choice for a style icon but she is so versatile, from the innocent surrounded by pink bubble bath to her trademark leather jacket and cigarette, she has a look that captures everyone. And I am so jealous of those cheekbones! 
She's just so cool! Her waif like figure, messy boyish haircut and quirky impish outfits are inspired. AND she has a handbag named after her, Enough said.

She just oozes French chic and style- I love her simple ensembles, in short I just want to be her!

I love having style icons to take inspiration from and I can definitely see elements of their style in my own, but I ultimately use them to create my own style!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Much love
Danie B  

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