Monday, 12 March 2012

random ramblings

Favourite breakfast cereal. Ever. (I don't take milk in it- is that weird?)
A lovely vintage looking lace necklace that makes old outfits look like new.
I am really loving plaits at the moment. They are quick and simple to do while still looking polished.
 What a quirky table number from my favourite local cafe!
Confession, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and proud. In fact I am watching it right now...
Another confession: I am a glasses wearer. I wear contact lenses most days but these frames are so fabulous that I might start wearing them more often.
I really loved this painting that I found in a hotel room. I even contemplated taking it off the wall and home with me until my better judgement kicked in and I took a photo of it instead.
Tea or coffee drinker? I love a latte to perk me up but a cup of tea before bed is just perfect. I'm also partial to hot chocolate though...

I apologise for the lack of correlation in this post but hopefully you will know a little more about me after reading it!

Much love
Danie B

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