Friday, 9 March 2012

design inspiration

Don't you just love this bedframe? It would be like living in a fairytale enchanted wood! Green's not really my thing but I could deal.

Do you ever daydream about the future? What will your life be like? I would love to live in a New York apartment, a beach front where I can hear the waves, in Paris along the River Seine...the possiblites are endless! Here are a few bedroom designs inspiring me at the moment.
This one is incredible. It's like permanently camping out in your personal cosy tent. That is, one with central heating and no spiders.
Wow I love the prints here! They're bright enough to cheer up any grey monday morning, so pretty!
Ooooh this one just oozes old Hollywood glamour! You can so imagine Marilyn Monroe lounging here with her impressive shoe collection.
Waking up to the breeze swirling these curtains around the room, breathtaking. This is so rustic, like a spanish villa, but with a girly twist.
This is just so crisp and clean and modern. Although I doubt it would stay like that if I lived in it!
Yes, I think this one is me. The prints, the fur, the antique white furniture. Very opulent, very chic, very me. Maybe one day! Sigh.
Have a good weekend!

Much love
Danie B

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