Sunday, 4 March 2012

c'est le weekend

Favourite future read:
Favourite bedroom decorations
Favourite prep shots
Favourite friends and moi (well some of them anyway!)
This has been a good weekend. I had literally been counting down the hours all week for it to arrive, a serious rest was needed. It began when I woke up on saturday morning to the sun streaming through my window and a light breeze flapping the curtain- it totally felt like summer! A delicious lunch and a catch-up with my two beautiful friends/guest photographers and a caramel and apple tartlet that was to die for! Yummy. We then had a makeshift photoshoot for my friend's art project and ended up rolling around on the floor laughing at some badly timed facial expressions. All in all a brilliant weekend- although I have left all my work to now so I must go and do that. Or there is an Alex Pettyfer movie sitting right in my line of vision...What would you do?!

Much love
Danie B

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