Monday, 27 February 2012

a novel idea...

I thought I'd try something a little bit different with the blog today. Here are the first lines of something I've been working on- it could be awful but it could be the beginning of something...let me know what you think!

The sun beat down hard on the city below me. It glimmered and rippled off the Nile and caused blurriness in the air that only the piercing Egyptian sun could truly produce. I looked at my hands that gripped the golden railing on the balcony in front of me and closed my eyes to allow my face to be bathed in the warmth. I ran my hands over the intricate vines that encased the railing and caressed the rough stone. A slight breeze picked up, lifting tendrils of my ebony hair that spilled over my shoulders and settling the white linen curtains on either side of me. I opened my eyes and my breath caught in my throat. There he was. Imenand. I cast my eye across the construction work going on for father’s latest building project, at all the labourer’s slaving away in the low lying sun. But my eye was drawn back to him, almost like a magnetic force and I found I couldn’t look away. He stood up and wiped the sheen off his forehead and run his fingers through his cropped dark hair. He put down his heavy axe and flexed the muscles in his back that was scorched to a deep nut brown and showed the evidence of manual labour. He turned abruptly in my direction, almost as if he sensed my gaze. Suddenly he looked up and his tawny coloured eyes locked with my jade ones with a penetrating stare that seemed to bore right into my very soul...

Much love
Danie B

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