Tuesday, 27 December 2011

And all too soon it was over...

One of the many christmas cards fighting for space on our mantle place and some sparkly, festive ribbon.

 A pretty heart-shaped bauble from our adventure to Austria a few summers ago.

Mmmm...one was never going to be enough. Mini chocolate, strawberry and vanilla macaroons, the ultimate indulgence. 

Fairy lights can truly make, anything look magical.

 5 days before Christmas, the dinner was under control, presents had been bought and wrapped and at that time, it was probably the most relaxed christmas ever to occur in the Bann household. Until we got the call that we should now expect 10 people for Christmas dinner. A peaceful day now seemed as likely as a funny cracker joke. But we got through it all pretty smoothly. (Well I forgot to write my Christmas cards, but no one's perfect, right?) Life's unpredictable, but that's what keeps it interesting. Although I plan not to do ANYTHING stress inducing this week! Hope you had a good one!

Much love
Danie B 

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