Sunday, 8 July 2012


Fabulous detail on my new Zara jacket, more photos will follow as I haven't taken this jacket off since I bought it!
 Lunch was eaten in this quirky gem of a restaurant introduced to me by my partner in crime, Aimee Cairns. We had fancy mushrooms on toast, slightly unorthodox but delicious all the same.
 I want all the rooms in my house decorated like this. Books are my one true love and to have my walls covered with them would be a dream come true.
 A slightly weak cup of afternoon tea, the milk jugs fault of course, it hypnotized me with it's pretty pattern so I couldn't stop pouring.
Who knew glass jelly moulds could make such great wall decorations? I feared one would fall off the wall and hit me on the head but they looked pretty good all the same! 

Much love
Danie B


  1. cute post!

  2. Amazing finds and ideas!!

  3. That Zara jacket looks amazing! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

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  4. the detail is really cute:3 great post dear:D
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?

  5. I love the book art on the wall, its really unusual, although I have no idea how I'd do it in my house!!

  6. Lovely inspirations. Specially the glass jelly cups.

  7. Great inspirations !! Keep posting girl !

    Maybe, would you like to follow each other? Promise to follow back :)